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Are you able to separate digital marketing myths from digital marketing facts?

You might be surprised, although as an experienced digital marketing myself, I’m afraid these are the types of comments and opinions I have to hear on a daily basis.

Comments such as “digital marketing is easy, just set up your Facebook and write a few blog posts and you’ll soon be rolling in it” or “digital marketing is essentially free, so why pay someone to do it for you?” – Hahah! Hah hah hah hah haaah.

It’s only later when these people start doing it for themselves that they realise the truth.

A sad fact of reality is that sometimes businesses need to try digital marketing themselves and fail, before they’ll go to a professional for help – and start succeeding.

That’s not to say that you can’t do digital marketing yourself; there’s certainly enough advice out there to help you! The internet is your lobster.

Psst! Just don’t spend all your time on digital marketing webinars. Or buy your Twitter followers or Facebook fans! Some places will still tell you that works. In reality, it does nothing, and people sitting with 500k bought followers aren’t actually getting any more engagement on their posts than you – perhaps even less, actually.

Check out this infographic from DigitalMarketingPhilipines to see some of the biggest digital marketing marketing myths BUSTED!

digital marketing myths infographic

Thanks again to DigitalMarketingPhilippines for sharing this infographic.

It’s been… eye opening that some of these are still myths in 2017!

Final thoughts

Welp, some of these digital marketing myths are hardly surprising to me, but then I’ve been doing this for years! The digital marketing landscape is always changing, and whether you want to do digital marketing, inbound marketing or content marketing (in my opinion, they should all be the same), you have to constantly adapt to keep up.

For instance, maybe you recall the old keyword stuffing strategies that used to be all the rage? Or perhaps the link-building tactics that got several huge household names penalised by Google (BT included!).

If you’re only just starting out with a new digital or content marketing strategy, the best advice is to speak to someone who can listen to your needs and help you come up with a solid strategy going forward.

Are you surprised by any of these digital marketing myths? Or maybe you’ve already learned the hard way! I’d love to hear your opinion on this in the comments’ section!

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