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Learn all about Phoenix Content Marketing

Get Noticed With Our Tailored

Press and PR Packages

Learn all about Phoenix Content Marketing

Our story

Phoenix Content Marketing was founded in May 2017 by an ex-journalist, Galaxy Award-nominated author and HubSpot-certified marketing strategist. With over 10 years of experience under her belt, Bronwen Winter Phoenix has helped multiple companies increased their annual revenue by over £1million..

With three published novels, it took around 15 years of writing just about anything and everything for her to pretty much become the female John Wick of content marketing (she’s very thorough, doesn’t stop until the job is done, but still isn’t impervious to being run over by the odd car). 

After working for various agencies as a freelance copywriter, content manager and inbound marketing strategist, she began to realise how she’d do things differently – and better. 

Phoenix Content Marketing was born, and with a team of talented Edinburgh-based writers, editors, videographers, graphic designers and fully-certified content marketing specialists, we’re ready to take on whatever challenge you decide to throw at us (perhaps with the very rare exception!).

Our mission

It’s our mission to connect you with your best customers online, and grow your business with long-term, sustainable marketing strategies. We like to get to the heart of your story, and we do that by conducting interviews; because no-one knows your business, or your customers, better than you do.

From full content marketing and co-ordination solutions, to copywriting and editing, video and creative content, we’ve got you covered.

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Meet the team

Now it’s time to meet our merry band of misfits:


Founder / Marketing Strategist

Photo of Deborah


Copywriter and Editor

Photo of Gillian


Copywriter and Editor


copywriter and editor



XR Developer



XR Project Manager

Photo of Derek


Graphic Designer

Photo of Carolina


Graphic Designer

Photo of Jim


Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Photo of Gordon


Web Developer


Ads Specialist

Photo of Thomas



Photo of Dillon



Photo of Caitlin


Social Media Specialist

Photo of Murdo


Gremlin Tamer

Photo of Fury Ann

Fury Ann

Head of Client Relations

Photo of Darwin



Photo of Goliath


Motivation expert

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Ethos and values

The idea behind Phoenix Content Solutions is to challenge the norm – whilst producing high quality content. We’re always striving to do things better, because we know we can. 

As an agency, we’re focused on giving you the best possible experience; from the second you get in touch with us, right up to delivery of our services, and beyond. We’ll always explain what we’re doing, and why – and we’ve always got time for a cuppa and a chat to answer any questions you have!

Did we mention the other kick-ass thing about us? We’re all experienced freelancers, and we’re here because we want to be.

Join us!

Are you an experienced freelance copywriter, editor, marketing specialist, graphic designer or videographer based in Edinburgh? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

If you’re interested in working for us, send a CV and a couple of samples of your work to: [email protected]

We look at every submission we receive – one of us, one of us!

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