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Case Study: POPcomms


Case Study: POPcomms

How You Can Use Content Marketing to Achieve Tangible Results

Clients often approach us knowing they need to do some form of content marketing – and maybe having already given it a try themselves – but not knowing how to get tangible, trackable results.

They know they need to be answering their customers’ biggest questions, and addressing their challenges and pushbacks – and usually, they even know what these are. Just not how to shape this into helpful content as part of a wider strategy that helps them grow their business. 

Below, we’ve highlighted an example of how we worked with POPcomms to help them put together a solid strategy that grew their business by at least a whopping 45%.

The challenge

As an enterprising business already winning big clients (the likes of Fujitsu, Bosch and The Royal Mint), POPcomms were looking for ways to demonstrate the value of their interactive touchscreen experiences and presentations, so they could take on more clients and grow.

Much of their attention was focused on the incredible work they were doing for their clients, and didn’t have a lot of time to focus on content marketing. They had written a few bits of content, and Bronwen (our founder) started working with them on a couple of commissions. 

She quickly spotted that they needed to put a strategy in place, and pointed out some of the things they could be doing to get them much better results – then went about her business, without really expecting to hear from them again. 

This led to them approaching Phoenix Content Marketing to put together a strategy – as publishing blogs with no strategy, call-to-actions or automation in the background would never get them the results they needed. 

The solution

After a couple of initial discussions and coming to the conclusion that POPcomms were a great fit for content marketing, Bronwen quickly put together and implemented a content marketing strategy for POPcomms.

This involved a 6 – 8 week setup period whilst working very closely with Damjan (Managing Director), Holly (Co-founder and Director) and Stuart (Head of Customer Experience) to ensure she completely understood their best customers and the biggest questions they had. 

She then interviewed the POP team to uncover their knowledge, experience, passion and personal stories, to come up with content for each stage of the buyers’ journey. This would then be used to nurture and provide their customers with all the right information at the right time.

Once all of this was in place, it was time to begin working on the monthly content, to perfectly answer the key questions and demonstrate the value POPcomms could bring to their ideal clients for the likes of presentations and touchscreen experiences.

The results

The solution Bronwen provided is a constantly evolving strategy that must be revised and revisited, and to this day POPcomms are still seeing results and winning business as a direct result of their content marketing – three years after they started!

Within a year, their organic traffic had grown by over 550%, and in the last year alone, their annual revenue had grown by at least 45% directly attributable to the efforts of the Phoenix Content Marketing team.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what Damjan Haylor, Managing Director of POPComms, had to say: 

When we first looked at putting a content marketing plan in place, I have to admit we were skeptical about the results it could deliver and concerned about the amount of work involved.

In terms of planning and guidance Phoenix Content Marketing was faultless. They guided us through the stages and were instrumental in putting a robust, targeted and manageable plan in place. No easy task given that we work in a very specialised sector with complex messaging.

Bronwen took a great deal of pressure off by managing the entire campaign whilst still keeping us accountable, on track and most surprisingly really capturing the essence of what we do in her articles.

Despite our skepticism the results speak volumes. Over two years, organic traffic has grown by 550%, and more importantly we have seen at least 45% revenue growth directly attributable to our content marketing campaign in the past year alone.

Off the back of these results, we are most definitely firm believers in content marketing, but this would not have been the case without Bronwen’s vision, drive, hard work and cheery conversations.

She is an invaluable asset to the business.


Managing Director of POPcomms

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