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I don’t enjoy making this post, but since early this year I’ve been fielding calls and emails from batches of job applicants thinking they’ve applied for a job or have an interview with Phoenix e-Marketing, or Phoenix Marketing. The so-called company have no phone number and no Google listing on their website, and when people Google them, they find us. Often people call thinking it IS us, because they don’t check the details.

This was just annoying at first, but a couple of months ago, someone left a review on our Google listing saying they’d applied for a job and been scammed. I replied to this person, and then reported the review to Google, who immediately removed it. But ever since, I’ve been telling anyone who got in touch about jobs that this seems to be a scam and to be careful.

Their website is threadbare, and since I’ve been watching, they’ve changed their displayed email from a gmail to a hotmail address. I was sure their details led me to a registered charity at one point, but that seems to be gone. This is who I’m talking about: https://www.phoenix-emarketing.co.uk/

They seem to be advertising for jobs mainly on Indeed and the like. I even had a recruitment person contact me to ask if they could help – and he had a good chuckle when I ended up having to explain the whole scam thing.

I don’t even know the purpose of the scam – whether they’re asking people for money, or just attempting identity theft/selling people’s details on. Who knows. But whatever it is, if you’re reading this, stay away from it. We are NOT advertising for any jobs, and this has nothing to do with us. Thank you.