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Connect and engage with your best customers through brilliant brand storytelling​

Authentic brand stories that cut through the noise and get to the heart of your message

If you really want to get someone’s attention
- and keep it - tell a story.

Stories have been a winning formula for thousands of years, and they’re still one of the best ways we can connect with other people.

Powerful stories can provoke emotion, inspire action, and help us to develop a better understanding of the world around us – along with potential solutions to our problems!

Now, brands are cottoning on to that fact, too, with ‘brand storytelling’ becoming not just another buzzword, but an essential element of marketing for B2B and B2C alike.

Why do you need brand storytelling?

In a world where there’s now (mostly) no such thing as a USP, and people care more than ever about your ethos and values, powerful brand stories can cut through all the noise.

Some of the most successful brands are already out there, telling stories. What’s yours?

Build a strong foundation

Connect with your audience

Establish and build trust

Stand out from the crowd

Add meaning and value

Create brand affinity

How can you create a brand story?

You may already have all the elements you require for a powerful and effective brand story; you just don’t know it yet.

Our friendly team will dig deep and help you get to the heart of your story, by:

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Taking a deep delve into your business and brand
WhatsApp Image 2020-06-08 at 15.51.57
Exploring all the angles for an authentic and powerful story
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Pinpointing the most vital messages
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Aligning your story, and your message, with your audience
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Finding the best way (and medium) to tell your story
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Helping you share it with the world

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What’s our story?

Glad you asked. Founded by a trained journalist and Galaxy award-nominated fiction author Bronwen Winter Phoenix, telling stories is sort of our speciality here at Phoenix Content Marketing. And our story is that we want to help you tell yours – in whatever form that takes.

Bronwen Winter Phoenix

Phoenix Content Marketing Founder

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