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Are you searching for content marketing agencies in Edinburgh?

If you’re looking for the best agency to develop and implement a solid content marketing strategy, you may be in luck; there are a few offerings right here in Edinburgh.

But hold on just a second there! We’re all about full transparency here. If you’ve read any of our other content, you may already know that content marketing vs inbound marketing vs digital marketing should all be the same thing.

By ‘the same’, we mean a holistic strategy that encompasses content, SEO, email marketing, marketing automation, landing pages, premium downloadable content, social media and more!

(Psst! We’re a ‘content marketing’ agency, because any inbound or digital strategy has content at its heart – and not everyone knows what ‘inbound’ actually is. Just check wherever you go is the same.)

With that in mind, I’ve decided to split this article into two sections.

Content marketing agencies in Edinburgh

First, let’s look at the main, dedicated content marketing agencies in Edinburgh. There are some awesome examples to choose from!

8 Million Stories (AKA 8MS)

With one of the best names for a content marketing agency you’ll probably find, 8MS know where it’s at with their content. Despite calling themselves a ‘content monetisation agency’. Just like some of the others on this list, they’ve got some big, well-established brands as clients, including BBC World News, Universal Music and lastminute.com.

But that’s not all; the web copy itself is bloody fantastic. For instance, they give us some hard truths right there on the homepage, about how content needs to be accountable, targeted and visible. Plus, their results speak for themselves. What’s not to love? We’re also a fan of how everything is clearly outlined on their site, with some strong graphics and design to back it all up.

I’d say if you were going to look at content marketing agencies in Edinburgh (which you’re clearly about to do), this would have to be no.1 on the list.

Track ’em down: 15 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JW

Get on the blower: (0131) 202 0360

Type up a storm: [email protected]


Caliber Interactive

With some very big clients under their belt (so to speak), Caliber Interactive call themselves ‘smart organic marketing’. Content marketing is one of the areas they specialise in, but unlike most agencies out there who brand themselves as ‘content’, ‘digital’ or ‘inbound’ marketing companies, these guys are an ‘organic’ marketing agency. Scoff, scoff.

Some of their more notable clients include eBay, HSBC, Tesco, Ticketmaster and Expedia. Although I’m not sure why they’re quoting Michael Jordan on their homepage. Some premium content wouldn’t go amiss, either.

From having a quick browse on their website, it’s not the easiest to learn exactly what they do and how they do it. However, they do have quite a large team of experienced professionals and content experts on their team. Quite impressive, actually.

Track ’em down: The Sugarbond, 2 Anderson Place, Edinburgh, EH6 5NP

Get on the blower: (0131)  554 2333

Type up a storm: [email protected]


Juggling swords

The first thing that strikes you when visiting Juggling Swords is that their website is a stark contrast to most other marketing agencies (us included!). It’s very sharp and to the point, and these guys claim to have PR in their blood.

One thing that does raise alarm bells is that they claim to create regular, helpful content for their clients, yet they don’t seem to publish all that regularly, and when they do, there’s a lack of CTAs and essential bits and pieces you need for a good content marketing strategy. That’s not to say they won’t do so for you, but it’s certainly something to mention.

Saying that, they do have some big clients, including Thornton’s and BBC Radio Scotland – that’s got to say something. I probably wouldn’t buy them a muffin, though.

Track ’em down: Suites 1&2, 47B Bridge Street, Musselburgh, EH21 6AA

Get on the blower: (0131) 665 5997

Type up a storm: [email protected]


Digital marketing agencies in Edinburgh

Now, let’s see some of the more general offerings of digital (or inbound) marketing agencies in Edinburgh. Remember, these should really be the same thing.


The first one on our listing for digital marketing, Attacat say all the right things on their website. Content marketing is something they offer, but they know this needs to be included as part of a wider strategy, and it’s clear they’re also getting their clients results – all good signs. Even if they are referring to us as ‘Ambitious Business Person’.

There’s no minimum contract, so clients can cancel any time they like. The little people on the homepage look rather friendly, too. However, looking past that for a second, there’s clear pricing, and a good retention rate. All in all, plenty to scope out first before deciding if Attacat could be a good solution for you.

Track ’em down: 3rd Floor, 86 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3BU

Get on the blower: (0131) 220 1441

Type up a storm: [email protected]


White Space

Does anyone remember THAT owl, from a recent Edinburgh Fringe Festival brochure? Well, we do, and what’s most impressive is that White Space are the ones behind it! Content marketing is one of the services they offer, but they’re also very strong on branding.

Their clients include Highland Spring, RAC, and VisitScotland. But even better, their motto is “work hard and be nice to people” which is a good standard to live by! We wholeheartedly approve.

Want to find out how the Whitespacers can help you? Details below.

Track ’em down: Norloch House, 36 King’s Stables Road, Edinburgh, EH1 2EU

Get on the blower: (0131) 625 5500

Type up a storm: [email protected]


Tandem Digital


Claiming to ‘bend digital for growth’ (whatever that means), Tandem Digital offer a variety of marketing services, including content marketing, PPC, SEO, analytics, marketing automation, social media, international marketing and more.

They have some interesting blogs, although they don’t seem to be following the rules of inbound/content marketing by offering premium content. Which is especially ironic on their blog which states ‘conversion optimisation’ as a keyword to watch for in 2017. Hmmm.

They do have some great clients, though – including Expedia!


Track ’em down: 4 Quayside Mills, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6 EX

Get on the blower: (0131) 553 0270

Type up a storm: [email protected]


Big Fusion

These guys are interesting. Claiming to be a ‘full-service digital creative agency’ (see how much names for this vary?), Big Fusion have a nice, sharp design and decent content. However, some premium content and CTAs would come in handy, as this is the type of thing you’d expect to see from a digital or inbound agency. Missing a trick, there.

One thing I really like is the ‘About’ page, which starts off with “We’d rather talk about your business than ours”. That’s a good line to take. However, the term ‘brand-led creative campaigns’ makes me wonder. Shouldn’t they be client or customer-focused?

Anyway, I’d recommend having a chat with them to see what they could potentially offer you, but inbound doesn’t seem to be their strong point.

Track ’em down: Morningside Rd, Edinburgh, EH10 5HX (number not displayed)

Get on the blower: (0131) 436 4444

Type up a storm: [email protected]


Final thoughts

Welp, perhaps this has helped you narrow down your search for content marketing agencies in Edinburgh. Or, maybe we’ve provided you with too much choice and you now feel like tearing your hair out! Sorry about that, but it’s better to have too much choice rather than too little.

The one thing I’d say here is that you shouldn’t go for the first content marketing agency you speak to. Definitely set up a few calls, or meetings, and see which are really prepared to listen and understand you.

Always trust your gut, and hopefully you’ll find someone whose willing to take you the distance and get you the best results to help you grow your business.

Oh, and if they guarantee you results (especially x results in x amount of time) – they’re 100% lying. Just sayin’.

We wish you the best of luck! But remember, if you have any questions or start to feel lost when looking at content marketing agencies in Edinburgh, just drop me a comment below and I’ll be here ready to help!

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