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Game-Changing Content Marketing Catapult Launches Ex-Journalist and Author to New Heights


Content Marketing Catapult

Galaxy Award-nominated author, ex-journalist and founder of Edinburgh content marketing agency Phoenix Content Marketing, Bronwen Winter Phoenix, has launched a game-changing new online course – called the Content Marketing Catapult – today.

The Content Marketing Catapult is aimed at businesses looking to increase their leads and sales with an effective, long-term content marketing strategy, but aren’t necessarily able – or prepared – to pay an agency thousands of pounds to do it.

Bronwen, 34, believes the course is the most practical, hands-on content marketing course available right now, and is packed full of practical guidance, step-by-step walkthroughs, worksheets, templates, and resources – along with helpful videos showing people how they can actually implement everything they’ve done.

Bronwen said: “I love connecting the dots. Every day I combine my passion for storytelling with my love of connecting clients with their best customers. I’ve gone from being a newspaper reporter and Galaxy Award-nominated fiction author, to creating comprehensive and holistic strategies for a wide range of different industries – and have helped multiple businesses increase their annual revenue by over £1million.

“Now, for the first time, I’m going to show you exactly how I do it; from creating a strategy, right through to how to write your blog posts, case studies, landing pages and emails – not forgetting implementation and actually making it work.

“This is something companies pay thousands of pounds to marketing agencies (like mine) every month for – but unfortunately, is not something everyone can afford right now. That’s why I wanted to do this. You’re not going to find a more comprehensive – or more practical – content marketing course out there.”

Content Marketing Catapult details

The Content Marketing Catapult costs around £620 ($775) for lifetime access, and there’s also the option of joining the Content Marketing Catapulters closed Facebook group, as well as the option of getting 10% off ActiveCampaign if you sign up.

Bronwen is looking to continually improve on the course and keep its content updated and relevant – and she’ll be looking for feedback now that the course is finally off the ground.

Bronwen said: “It took a lot of time and work to put this course together, so I’m really excited that it’s finally getting out there and will be able to help people who want to be able to grow their businesses in a sustainable, organic way.”

Content marketing is one of the most effective (and cost-effective) ways to grow your business, but not everyone knows how important it is. Customer behaviour has changed, and now most people start to research solutions for their problems online, by typing questions into Google. By providing all the right information at the right time to these people, you can help them choose the best solution for them – without being salesy.

The Content Marketing Catapult makes content marketing accessible for companies who have smaller budgets, but are prepared to put the time and hard work in. And it does involve a lot of work – luckily, Bronwen has made it as easy as possible for businesses to plan their strategy, put together all of their content, and actually implement it. She’s also advised on the best ways to track your results.

What people are saying about Bronwen

Bronwen’s clients have included POPcomms, Portolio, The Mercat Grill (recently featured on both BBC and STV News), eTalent, Kinetic Chain Release, and many more.

Chris Wood, Co-Founder of Portolio, said: “Bronwen was introduced my business in the middle of 2019 – at a time when myself and my business partner needed some direction! Like many businesses, we knew we had to find a way to get the word out there. We needed someone who could help us clarify our message and then share with the right people – all in an effort to grow our business.

“Well, we’re now in the middle of 2020 (post COVD-19 lockdown) and I’m delighted to say that Bronwen has proven to be everything we needed. We’ve grown as a business and we continue to work with Bronwen to grow even more. A more hardworking, organised and switched on person you could not meet.”

The course is available via The Content Marketing Catapult website, where people can learn about the course, enroll, and log in.

PRESS OPPORTUNITIES: Bronwen is available for interview. Contact via: bronwen@phoenixcontentmarketing.com or call 07961222075.