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COCOA-19: Edinburgh Chef to Gift 100 Chocolate Bars to Scottish Key Workers


Edinburgh chef Chiara Scipione is giving away 100 free chocolate bars – aptly named COCOA-19 – to key workers all over Scotland. 

Chiara, a private chef, chocolatier and owner of Chef Chiara, is inviting people to nominate their favourite Scottish key workers to receive a free bar of COCOA-19 – so they can ‘bite back’. 

The new COCOA-19 bar launched today (Monday, April 20th), and people can nominate their chosen key workers by commenting and sharing the Facebook post, or using the hashtag #COCOA19 on Instagram. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many small and medium Scottish businesses getting creative to make ends meet and bring a bit of light into these challenging times. 

And Chiara now has a very good reason for producing and giving away free chocolate to those going above and beyond for their local community. Here’s what she had to say: 

“When COVID-19 hit, and lockdown measures came into place, my business was in trouble. I lost over £2,000 worth of bookings in just 24 hours, and had to entirely flip my business around. Since then, the support I’ve had from my customer base has been unbelievable. 

“As I see it, people saved my business when I was in trouble, and now we are giving back. Key workers are tirelessly working to keep things going, and care for our most vulnerable, so I wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ – and what better way than to do it with chocolate?” 

Chiara is an Italian chef who has found her home here in Scotland. Now an Edinburgh local for over five years, Chiara was born in Liguria, Italy. She describes it as “the region of pesto and poor ingredients, but amazingly tasty and colourful dishes”. 

She said: “Five years ago, I decided that Scotland was going to be somewhere I wanted to call  home – and it truly is home. It’s where I’ve finally realised my own dream to become self-employed and do what I love the most; care for people by cooking for them.”

More recently, in the past two years, she has developed a real passion for chocolate, and now spends half her time creating anything from handmade, artisanal bars, pralines and Easter eggs, to chocolate iPhones! All of it made with love. 

Although COCOA-19 will also be available to buy online from ChefChiara.co.uk, only a limited number of bars will be produced. 

PLEASE NOTE: Chiara Scipione is available for photo opportunities and interviews. Contact [email protected] or call 07425740688 to arrange.